I am Taliesin

I am Taliesin. I sing perfect metre,
Which will last to the end of the world ...
I know why there is an echo in a hollow;
Why silver gleams, why breath is black;
Why liver is bloody.

Why a cow has horns; why a woman is affectionate;
Why milk is white; why holly is green;
Why a kid is bearded; why the cow parsnip is hollow;
Why brine is salt; why ale is bitter;
Why the linnet is green and berries red;
Why a cuckoo complains, why it sings,
I know where the cuckoos of summer are in winter...
I have been a blue salmon,
I have been a dog, a stag, a roebuck on the mountain,
A stock, a spade, an axe in the hand,

A stallion, a bull, a buck,
A grain which grew on the hill,
I was reaped and placed in an oven
I fell to the ground when I was being roasted
and a hen swallowed me.

For nine nights I was in her crop.
I have been dead, I have been alive,
I am Taliesin.

~Anon. 13th Century Celtic Poem~

On November 10, 1925, little Janet Washburn was born. In the following 76 years, she brought into the world a daughter, a son, and another daughter. She worked her whole life through, and she made many memories for her family. Those memories will comfort us now that the time has come for Janet to shed her earthly body and to join in the heavens with all those who have gone before her.

On November 23, 2001, Janet was reunited with her husband, her mother and father, and all those loved ones she has missed for so long. We will miss you, too, Mums, but we know you are not really far away...just a blink and a nod, and just over the hill from here...

Enjoy your newfound freedom exploring the Universe!

"I Remember Mama"

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